Soheil Behnezhad

CS Ph.D. Student, University of Maryland

I am a second-year Computer Science Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland advised by Prof. Mohammad T. Hajiaghayi. Prior to it, I finished my undergraduate studies at the Computer Engineering Department of Sharif University of Technology.

My CV can be found here .

Research Interests
I am primarily interested in algorithmic game theory and algorithms for massive data sets.
Almost Optimal Stochastic Weighted Matching With Few Queries arxiv
S. Behnezhad, N. Reyhani
Winning Strategies of Blotto and Auditing Games SODA 2018
Affinity Clustering: Hierarchical Clustering at Scale NIPS 2017
M.H. Bateni, S. Behnezhad, M. Derakhshan, M.T. Hajiaghayi, R. Kiveris, S. Lattanzi, V. Mirrokni
A Polynomial Time Algorithm for Spatio-Temporal Security Games EC 2017 arxiv, talk video
S. Behnezhad, M. Derakhshan, M.T. Hajiaghayi, A. Slivkins
Brief Announcement: Graph Matching in Massive Datasets SPAA 2017 pdf
S. Behnezhad, M. Derakhshan, H. Esfandiari, E. Tan, H. Yami
Faster and Simpler Algorithm for Optimal Strategies of Blotto Game AAAI 2017 arxiv
S. Behnezhad, S. Dehghani, M. Derakhshan, S. Seddighin, M.T. Hajiaghayi
Research intern at Upwork Research, Summer 2017
Mentor: Nima Reyhani
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland
Rm 3264 A.V. Williams Building
College Park, MD USA 20742